how to normalize volume in .flac files w/MP3Tag

I'm a fairly new user to MP3tag (and love it!) and I'm trying to use it to increase the volume on one of my flac files. From what I've read, I should be able to increase the value of the replaygain to increase the volume however I tried this with no luck. The original values in the file were:
replaygain album gain-1.02 DB
replaygain album peak-74163818
replaygain track gain-+0.56
replaygain Track peak-74163818

To try and increase the volume, I first changed the "replaygain track gain" value to +0.96 but that had no effect so I then tried changing it to +1.86 but again no effect. I then tried changing (one tag at a time) the rest of the tags to:
replaygain album gain-4.02 dB
replaygain album peak-74193818
replaygain track gain-+1.86 dB
replaygain Track peak-74193818

again, none of these changes had any effect in the flac file I was trying to increase the volume on. Should that have worked? I read a few posts regarding normalizing flac files and they all recommend converting the file to an MP3, changing one of the ID tag values (I forget which) and then converting the file back to flac but I was hoping to get around all that.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!


Hi Quadzilla Dan, I am assuming that you know what ReplayGain means and how it works.
You can read there ...
Add Album Volume Increase via Replay Gain Tag
... about an attempt to manually change the calculated values and their caveats.
For me it is incomprehensible why anyone wants to manually change the ReplayGain values, after they have been calculated.