How to not click replace every time when changing folder names

I'm using an action to rename mass folders based on metadata from flac/mp3s which works 100% fine. Only issue is it asks for EVERY folder whether i want to replace the files inside or not which is just driving me fkn bananas lol. Any way to remove this prompt? or make a script within mp3tag that can automatically replace/skip the prompt for me?

Have you checked Tools>Options>Messages
whether an option there helps you?
If it doesn't then you see OS messages and you have to find out how to suppress those.

there isnt. but i suppose nothings gonna help my case after doing some research. shy of an autoclicker i suppose. But i have another question instead. Is there a way i can create an action to place tracks into a folder based on metadata. then have those folders placed in a parent folder in the same action? essentially so i can make a folder named after each music label and put the releases into subdirectories?

See e.g. here:

The basic idea: create an action of the type "Format value" for directory and set an absolute path with text constants like "d:\mymusic" and variable like %label%, e.g. "`d:\mymusic%label%"

cool thanks. so for instance i can just replace mymusic with any placeholder and still use %label% and it will draw from the metadata as long as theres a constant correct? Don't wanna try and screw somethin up lol.

edit: tried with 1 release. Works, thank you man i appreciate it. Saved me lots of time having to deal with all that. If it was like a few hundred it'd be whatever but millions... don't even wanna think about how much carpal tunnel one would get lol.

Just to get that clear:
my reference to constants and variables tried to point out that you can mix these as freely as you like until they match your requirements.

For the path itself I assume that you could use something like
d:\mymusic\%label%\%albumartist%\%year% - %album%