How to only get RecordingID from MusicBrainz?

Automatedly for each song I select in MP3Tag. I only want it and don't want to deselect options in each song.

If you don't want to to deselect the options in the GUI like this:

then you have to modify the used Websource Script.
Create a copy from the original file, open this copy in a texteditor and write every unwanted tag like this
at the end of the Websource Script. Then use/call this modified script from Mp3tag.

There is no MusicBrainz-Tag called "RecordingID" AFAIK
MusicBrainz knows

Please see also this:

I still can't tag multiple song together automatedly

Please let us know the exact steps you do currently.

Start with loading multiple songs into Mp3tag:
Do they belong to the same album from the same artist?
Do you load multiple songs from different artists but they all appear on the same compilation CD?
Do you load multiple random songs from different artists (like random Singles)?

Which MusicBrainz Websource Script do you use?
(The one included in the standard setup of Mp3tag or one of the additional scripts from here:
Web Sources Scripts - Mp3tag Community)

This is a requirement for Mp3tag. If you want to tag tracks from different albums in one go, you’d need to use something different.