How to Organize my Album Covers ??

I have a small problem: My music is organized in Album folders like this (Artist - Album [Year]), the issue I have is inside this folder regarding covers. Now i have files (MP3's and Covers) in the same album folder. I want to create inside this folder another folder named "Covers" and inside of it to put all covers of that album.

I think it's not possible to make this with MP3tag but if you guys can give some ideas how to make this I'll be happy.

Thank you!!

Several things:
first append the list of read files in Tools>Options>Tags with *.jpg (if the files are in jpg-format)
Read the folders.
Apply a filter
%_filename_ext% HAS .jpg
(This should limit the display to only jpgs.)

Use the converter Tag-Filename and the mask

(Try it first with a single file ... if it works - go ahead)

I works but in Tag-Filename should be only covers\%_filename%. If I put covers\%_filename_ext% and an extra .JPG to the files!!

Also it works only if I drag and drop A SINGLE album folder. If I drag and drop for example a folder like this: Music\Artist\Album it creates a Covers folder in the wrong directory!!

Perhaps the code under Tag-Filename should be different (example: %?????%\covers\%_filename%

For other extensions like >PNG .JPEG .BMP I have to repeat the whole process? It is not possible to create an actions to all Covers extensions?

Thank you very much!

Thanks for testing
experiment with the syntax


Also, if you add more grafic files (you would have to add the extension in the above named option) you could either take a wild shot an sort by any tag so that the graphic files come first (as they have no tag). or you append the filter
%_filename_ext% HAS .jpg OR %_filename_ext% HAS .png OR %_filename_ext% HAS .gif AND NOT %_path% HAS covers

to create the folder Covers inside the album no matter of parent directory is the script shoul be like this (after some tests i've made) : %_folderpath%\covers\%_filename%

But, now another issue occurs: I have albums with more than one disks: "\Album1\CD01" , "\Album1\CD02" , "\Album1\CD03" etc.
How can I delete all pictures in CD(n) folders???

thank for your quick answer!!!

Modify the filter so that it checks the path:
%_path% HAS "\CD"
Then sort by tag to get the tag-less pictures to the top and delete them