How to pick different cover art from Discogs?

I mainly use mp3tag (Mac version) to tag audio files I ripped from vinyl (mainly 12"). I then use Discogs source to get the metadata, including cover art.

I would like to know if it is possible to select the cover-art that is on Discogs, as currently, it just loads whatever is I assume the main cover art.

I have many 12" vinyl rips, where one track is on Side A, and the other on Side B. On Discogs, both cover arts (ie scans of the Record Side A and B) are available, but this does not seem to be selectable in MP3Tag.

Is this possible today, or is this something that should be asked for as a Feature Request?


It's not possible today, but it's on my internal wish list as a feature request now.

That's great, thanks!

One other question. I was looking at the Batch options. Is it possible to do a Batch tagging of audio files (which are already named with artist, track, mix, label and year) by doing a Discogs look-up?

I assume not, from looking at the documentation, and this would also be great to add as a Feature Request! :slight_smile:

Correct. It's on my list already — you're not the first :smiley:


I have a suggestion for some very minor and easy updates you could make that would make my life much easier.

Currently, I am tagging all my vinyl rips individually.
I am fine with that for now, however the workflow is cumbersome.

What I do today:

  1. Copy the Track title (filename includes artist, track, mix, label, year) using mouse cursor highlight and then press Command C
  2. Go into Tag Sources, and select Discogs
  3. Paste the Track title into Query
  4. Click Search with mouse (pressing Enter does not work)
  5. Select the search result I want
  6. Ensure that the track title is in the correct position. If not re-order, then Save

It would be great if you could implement:

  1. "Copy" button next to any of the attributes, since sometimes if the track title is long, it's cumbersome to highlight all the text. Also enable Query search with the press of "Enter"
  2. Better still a button that copies the Track title info, and automatically launches a Discogs search :slight_smile:

That alone would speed up my process. This week alone, I've tagged around 2000 files individually, and it's very time-consuming!