How to Prepend Four Digit Number to Filename

Hi all,

I have a few hundred episodes of a podcast downloaded, and nothing will play them in order on my iPhone. Also, I just want the Filenames to be indicative of the order in which they should be played. They are in separate folders, but I want to merge the folders after I have them all numbered.

Filenames are like this:

Form and Function (Part 01).mp3
Form and Function (Part 02).mp3

Then in a different folder:

Fit and Finish (Part 01).mp3
Fit and Finish (Part 02).mp3

I want to take the first 35 episodes in one folder and rename them like this:

0031 - Form and Function (Part 01).mp3
0032 - Form and Function (Part 02).mp3

Then pick up where I left off in the next folder, like this:

0066 - Fit and Finish (Part 01).mp3
0067 - Fit and Finish (Part 02).mp3

The reason to start at 0031 is because I have already done the first 30 manually.

Is there any easy way to do this in mp3tag? I'm not good with all this stuff, so a simple and detailed explanation would be best.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Select the files that you want to treat.
With Converter>Tag-Tag for _FILENAME (you probably have to type that in) try
Format string: $num($add(30,%_counter%),4) - %_filename%

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That worked perfectly. Thank you so very much!

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