How to prevent MP3Tag to automatically loading the files?


I have D:\TEMP, a non-existent folder set in the favorites and when I start the program, it begins with the folder where program binary is located, it's a long way from there to my downloads folder.

I tried adding my downloads folder in Favorite but then it starts loading GB's of files as soon as I start the program. I also have subfolders ticked in the settings as my files are often located in the subfolders.

I want program to start in my downloads folder but don't automatically read files from it until I select a folder from within the downloads folder. I also want to keep the sub directories selected.

IS there any way to accomplish this ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

You cannot load or not load a folder.
If you want MP3tag to start with an empty folder, then set this in the Options>Directories.
If you also want to have a standard folder, then define that also in these options.
You can call that folder with the star button in the toolbar.

Also, it would be an idea to switch on the library as that usually speeds up reading already known files. So

would be much faster if the same files are loaded again.

Thank you for the reaction ohrenkino.

Yes, I have set D:\Inbox in the Options>Directories and I have subdirectories option enabled. When I launch the program it starts reading thousands of files in D:\Inbox and subdirectories.

I just want to start in D:\Inbox and then be able to chose a folder myself without program auto loading all the files in that location. Can this be done ?

Did you set the starting folder to "empty folder"?
As I said: you cannot load and not load a folder at the same time.
So if you want to have MP3tag start with no loaded files, then set the starting folder to "empty".
If you quickly want to access the home/default/standard folder, then click on the star button in the toolbar - this loads the folder that you have defined in

and now we have written everything twice.

So if you want to have MP3tag start with no loaded files, then set the starting folder to "empty".

That's what I thought but when I select the "empty" option from the drop down, program starts in Local->Temp->MP3Tag

it doesn't start in D:\Inbox

When I set it "favorites" from the drop down, it starts in D:\Inbox but also starts loading all the files in that folder and subsequent sub folders

Is this is bug or am I missing something ?

On my computer setting a favourite folder and the startup directory to "Empty" leads to MP3tag starting with an empty window.
As soon as you press the star button in the toolbar, the favourite folder gets loaded.
I do not understand the difference that MP3tag should start with a certain working directory but "empty" and the way it behaves now with an empty startup directory.
In your workflow you would also have to tell MP3tag that it is now time to load the files - which would be either F5 to refresh or in this case the Star button.

On my computer setting a favourite folder and the startup directory to "Empty" leads to MP3tag starting with an empty window.

What's the point of setting up a fav folder when it starts somewhere else ? (when you have "empty" selected and not the location specified in settings.

clicking the star on the toolbar does the same thing, starts loading all the files in the folder and subfolder specified in Fav.

Actually, I'm assuming, that you don't understand how I manage the folders and catalog the data on my system

Let me explain:

So I have D:\Inbox. Everything that comes into the computer from many sources (Internet, USB, External drives, network shares) goes into the Inbox folder. There it gets sorted, tagged, edited depends on what needs to be done, before it's moved to it's permanent location on other partition.

So D:\Inbox have assorted music files in it plus the directories with albums in them. Also, there are folders with the artists name with complete discographies in them.

Among all these folders, I want to be able to manually select the folders I want to work with in MP3Tag.

Now I have tried 3 ways to start in Inbox but doesn't load any files.

  1. When I click the star button, everything (assorted music files, discographies, albums) get loaded in the program. I don't want that.

  2. When I select empty, program starts in Local->Temp->MP3Tag, not the location I want to start in

  3. When I select start in favorite, it starts and begins loading everything in D:\Inbox.

Is there any other option I can try ?

You could select the folder that should be opened in the file explorer and either drag&drop that in MP3tag or in a standard installation with shell extension, open that folder via the context menu in the file explorer.
I do not see what the problem should be as if you

then this is already possible.
I understand that you do not want to wait at startup that MP3tag loads files that you don't need - but the only way around it would be to start with an empty folder.

If you adopt the way to use the windows explorer for navigating and then select the folders there, you could define a tool that opens the windows explorer in a certain folder, probably d:\inbox.

You could open Mp3tag via a shortcut where you can add a file name as parameter, so when the program opens it only loads 1 file inside your Inbox folder. (That one file must always stay in D:\Inbox though)

but the only way around it would be to start with an empty folder.

So it can't be done.

This is solved.

Many thanks to @ohrenkino @dano for helping me out.

I am still wondering what the purpose of such an option should be.
Where and how would it make your workflow smoother?
As far as I understand it:
You want to start only MP3tag but no files are loaded at this stage.
Then you start your further workflow and ... select a folder?
How would this selection become easier if MP3tag started with a particular folder sort-of pre-loaded? Do you expect the folder selection so start in that folder?

But then it would be easiest to create an empty folder like "_Begin_Here" as the first folder in d:\inbox and then you could easily navigate to the folder that you want to treat next.