How to put a capital letter in the beginning of sentence without the button of shortcut?

Hello I would manually like to put my titles(securities) in Capital letters in the beginning of sentence with if there is a space, a hyphen(link), a space. What would give for example: The empire counter attack - The imperial march

By using Conversion of break-in(breakage) then Capital letter in the beginning of sentence and at the beginning of word with - It puts me all the words with the beginning of the capital words while I chose capital letter in the beginning of sentence. Certainly a bug.

Thank you.

I think smth you are doing wrong :-).
I tried with 'dIRE STRAITS - sULTANS of Swing'
Action: Case conversion
Field: Title
Case: Sentence
Word: ' - ' (without quotes)

result: Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing
Please double check before claiming a bug :-).

Thank you for your answer. I made
Case conversion
Field: title
Case conversion: capital letter in the beginning of sentence
At the beginning of word with: ' - '

It does not work. That makes for me: Jaded Future - Intended Tired instead of Jaded future - Intended tired

I tried with at the beginning of word with: "-"
It does not work either.

I have find the following code to make him(it) but the problem he(it) does not make him(it) for '-'

Replace with regular expression

Field : TITLE

Regular expression : ( |.|^)(\w)(?= |.|$)

Replace matches with : $1$upper($2)


Field : TITLE

Regular expression : ([^-])( \u )

Replace matches with : $1$lower($2)

If we can transforms me the code for the credit note with the expression ' - '

It seems to me that at the beginning of the installation of the software I had no this bug.

Action: Replace with regular expresion
Regular expression: (?:(?<=\s-\s)|^)(.*?)(?=$|\s-\s)
Replace with: $caps3($1)
It works. Idea is to find all substrings starting after ' - ' or beginning of string and ending on ' - ' or end of string.

I made him(it) by putting it metant in Field: TILE and the code (?:frowning:?<=\s-\s)|^)(.*?)(?=$|\s-\s) who(which) gives me for my titles(securities) caps3 ($1 ) which is not the sought(studied) purpose.

It does not work! That renames(reappoints) my title like that: caps3 ($1)

The problem with the case conversion and the list of characters as word delimiters is that only a single letter gets evaluated.
So, ' - ' is actually 3 letters with twice the same: the space.
And as the space also appears between the words all words get a capital letter. So the usual case conversions do not work.

But as the case conversion in general seems to be rather homespun, I would like to divert your attention to a thread that deals with the English conventions:

Natural Mixed Case and Natural MixedLower Case

It works for me. Can you please make sure you have the latest mp3tag version and you place dollar sign ($) before caps function?
Title: Dire straits - Sultans of swing
I tried with multiple replace with regular expressions actions
Field: TITLE
Regular expression: (?:(?<=\s-\s)|^)(.*?)(?=$|\s-\s)Replace matches with:

  2. lower case
    Result: dire straits - sultans of swing
  3. Sentence Case
    Result: Dire straits - Sultans of swing
  4. Word Case
    Result: Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing

Thank you very much, I tried it that my works great.

Thank you for pointing the thread but it works fine, no?
What I proposed, is in fact a universal solution for multiple values fields. Delimiter in this case is ' - '. It works the same efficiently for other delimiters by only replacing ' - ' with the desired one (e.g. '; ').
Case conversion function applies to each "value" of the field ($1).
Someone may replace current function with another one for case conversion or not.

How to make your code (:? (<= \ S \ s) | ^) (.? *) ($ = |? \ S \ s) also take into account irregular expretion [] For I would an album name like this [Mirrors] instead of [mirrors] Thank you.

This is new to me. It works, but for some title like this: My love, me life I am: My lOve or I do, I do, I do, I do, I do it makes me: I do choosing code: (?:frowning:?<=\s-\s)|^)(.*?)(?=$|\s-\s). With $caps3($1). Why?