How to put text in to Cover Metadata

I have noticed in some mp3 files sent to me, that there is text next to the image in the 'Cover' - this is a sniipet of a screengrab:


You can see that the usual info is there next to the image:
157 KB
Front Cover

and then below data there's PMEDIA

I can drag & drop the image to a folder. If I then right-click + R (in MP3TAG) to remove the image and Save the file Neither the image nor the PMEDIA legend are there.

If I then drag the saved file back into the mp3 the image is there, but the PMEDIA legend is not.

How does this work ??

How can I do similar with my MP3s ??

Thanx in advance for you help.

cheer BJ

This can be found by right-clicking on the album cover, and selecting “Set cover description…” in the menu.

Many thanx.

I'm noe educated once again :slight_smile:

cheers BJ

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