How to quickly select files

I can't figure this out - if my folder has 200 music files and I want to quickly select the 12 songs of a particular album to change their tag how do I quickly select those 12 without holding down Ctrl button and clicking the remaining 11 one by one? There seems to be no way to quickly lasso the entire 12 to highlight them quickly. Or is there? It would sure make editing them easier..... must be a way and dummy me hasn't figured it out yet. Any givers?

First, make sure that the files are sorted so that all of the album's tracks are grouped contiguously. Then click one at the very top or bottom of the group and hold down Shift while clicking the one at the other end. That will select the end files and all files in between.

So it does. Amazing! Thanks for telling me just before I attack a 30 song album! You if not saved my life at least saved me several hours OF it! Thanks!

And now for some unsolicited advice:

You'll probably find it easier in the long run to keep each album within its own folder. Most people also group albums within artists' folders, so you end up with the directory levels that look something like:


For working one album at a time in Mp3tag, what I do is keep a Windows Explorer window open, then use the context-menu feature that Mp3tag installs (if you didn't install it, just run the installer again). In Explorer, right-click one folder (album) at a time and select 'Mp3tag' from the menu, which will load that folder's tracks into Mp3tag. To work on the next album, right-click the next folder, and so on. There's no need to close Mp3tag between albums, since each time you choose a new folder in Explorer, all the files will be replaced.

You can even use Mp3tag to create this folder structure for you by rewriting the variable %_filename%.