How to read original release date or recorded date

As anyone who utilizes MP3tag, we know that this program is awesome. Recently, I've wanted to include the Original/Release date or Recorded date into a generic field. The tag has been written to the MP3 via MediaMonkey, but I haven't been able to read within MP3Tag. The exiftool displays the date via either Original Release Year, Original Release Time, Year, Recording Time or Date/Time Original.
When open within MP3Tag, I cannot locate any tag that displays this data.

Is this something that MP3tag can import?

What does the extended tags dialouge show?

I should have mentioned that none of these are reflected within extended.

What kind of files are these? MP3?
If so, what kind of tag types are stored in the files? ID3V2? APE?
Which of these do you read?

MP3, which when open within MP3Tag reflect Tag APEv2 (ID3v1 ID3v2.4 APEv2)

So you read APE tags and show them.
What happens if you switch off to read APE tags in the Options>Tags>Mpeg and re-read the tags?

Just to verify, read only APE?

No, the other way round: do not read APE

Dude, U R Da Man, assume APE override ID3.

As APE tags usually lead to confusion - if you do not need them, then I would suggest that you delete them.
For that set the options to read and delete APE tags (but not other), use "Cut tag" and save the tags.
Then set the options to read ID3V2 and V1 (but no APE) and write ID3V2 tags and delete V1, APE and V2.
Then re-read the tags and see if you find all the data you expect.

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