How to read the resolution of a video mp4?

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if it's possible with mp3Tag create a column with the values of the resolution of an mp4 video. That is, see the valor of resolution of each video mp4, eg 640x480, 1280x720, etc..

If this option does not exist in mp3Tag, would be available to ask? :slight_smile:

I edited the tags of the video depending on the resolution of the video and I would be very helpful. So I would not have to use external programs, with mp3Tag could do it all!

Thanks in advance and best regards

Currently not possible but I support this.
I'd also like a placeholder for the bitrate of the video track in mp4.

thanks for answering,

is a sorrow that mp3Tag does not support for this ... I too would be helpful if I had an option for the video bitrate, so you should not use mediainfo for any of these things and could do it all with the same program!

Can I make requests? to see what he looks like Florian :music: :laughing:

wish-list to Florian:

In "information fields" for columns add information:

  • Video bitrate
  • Video resolution

specially for mp4/h.264/aac pliz!

Thanks and best regards!

Having the (read only) resolution of video files would be great!

The latest version of Mp3tag (added with v2.92) has two new information fields for video dimensions,
namely %_video_width% and %_video_height% for Matroska files and MP4 video as well.

A possible way to use this in a column configuration would be
[%_video_width% x %_video_height%]