How to recreate same Windows Case Conversion action?

Is it possible to recreate the following action in Mac OS version?

Field: TITLE
Correction: Normal
Word start to/from every: (-_./"[

Thank You in advance for any suggestions

You can create action for a Mac.
Did you have a look at the documentation?

On Mac, I haven’t found the same windows action I need.
I found “Correction” action but with only two fields. The windows version has 3 fields and I can’t “copy” the same action on Mac cause 2 fields only.
So I’m searching for an alternative Action to have the same result

The Mac version of the Case Conversion action is actually a little bit smarter than its pendant on Windows. The characters you've listed above are automatically treated as word begins on the Mac.

Great :+1: I will try this action! Thank You

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