How to remove ALL upon CLOSE?

I think, it wasn't like this in the older versions, or was it ?

Is there anyway the files/directory could be removed automatically when the program is closed?

The last files/directory keeps on reappearing when opening the program again, why so?

Thank you

See here:

just wondering ... is it a bug?

no, a feature.
Depends a lot on the individual workflow whether you can appreciate the function or not.
For taggers who have a start-up folder where the put all the new files, it is rather convenient.
Others use the explorer and the context menu to load files.
And others yet again use drag&drop to fill MP3tag.

see also a thread from 2005:

it'd be rather convenient for all types of users if we had options: either to choose a directory or open empty as default.

OK, until that option is implemented you know now how to start up MP3tag with no loaded files.

no, actually, I don't ...
I am currently selecting one empty folder as the favorite directory ... maybe that's the only way at this moment?

here's another issue:
Option-General-Show current directory ... unchecked, but it still appears in the left column along with whatever directory/folders I've used ever since I installed the the Mp3tag. I'd rather have an option to erase all history upon closing the program.

it'd be highly appreciated if you consider include this feature.


Does not set the directory element in the tag panel - you have to remove it in the tag panel optionns if you don't want to see that control anymore.

There is no option to reset the history.

That is one way - or you enter a non-existent path.

But the point of opening mp3tag is to edit or at least view some audio file metadata, correct? So either open it from the start menu or shortcut to your specified preference folder, or use the explorer and right click the file(s) or folder(s) and open from there. Either way you get direct access to the area you want to start.

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