Can Mp3tag start up with no directory?

I'd like to start up with no directory. It takes time to read in a directory that I'm not interested in editing. On File -> Options -> Directories. I have no Favorite Directory, and start from this directory is unchecked. But it still starts up in the last used directory. If I blank before closing, it still starts up in the last used directory.
I should be able to have it always start up empty.

Try pointing it to a temp directory as the default, I use the one I rip to, since once I have made edits to anything new, I move them to my library location. So that folder is otherwise empty, and mp3tag opens blank.

As the help says:

You can even create a directory or subdirectory like AlwaysEmpty and point the Mp3tag option "start from this directory" to this empty directory. An empty directory is the same as "no directory".

Thanks. But how kludgy.

Oh, do you really have such a long-winded workflow in which you first open the program and then add files instead of starting with a program that has loaded all the files that you want to treat right at start-up?
My workflow includes a folder where I gather all the files that need tagging and from there I distribute them into the collection. I find that really convenient.

You must have some idea of a regular folder you want to work with. Otherwise, if you prefer to work with different folders often, perhaps navigate to that folder in explorer, then right click and choose mp3tag from there. That will open directly to that folder each time.

I'm sure you don't want to open mp3tag with no other reason than to work with some files located on your computer somewhere.

What am I missing here? I do this all the time. If I start it using the Explorer right-click, I get a directory. But if I start it using Windows Start>Mp3tag, it opens empty.

Admittedly, I am using a slightly older, but not ancient, version of Mp3tag (3.11). Has there been a change since then?

I do have a regular folder with files with unclean tags. But it often is filled with files I haven't gotten around to processing. And I'm often working on a folder elsewhere where I have stumbled on junky tags.

I really like the right click suggestion. That is the best for me. However, Mp3tag doesn't appear in my right click menu. And I don't see an option for turning this on.

You can look here for help on the right click menu.

So, what have you set in File>Options>Directory?
I think most has been described here by @LyricsLover

Bingo! It's an old directory, that doesn't exist. I migrated Mp3tag from my previous laptop, and that directory doesn't exist on the new one.

So an answer is: Create a folder on Windows. Set it in Mp3tag. Delete said folder in Windows. Mp3tag will always open empty (assuming no right click override).

I'm trying to digest the adding of Mp3tag to the context menu. I don't have Windows 11, I have 10. But I did upgrade to the 64-bit version. And after I upgraded, I deleted the 32-bit version.

I will be buying a new computer soon -- waiting on those supply chain problems -- and it will have 11. I have not yet learned what I have to do to undo all the new 11 features. When I moved to this 10 computer, I spent an awful lot of time making it like 7. Winaero was a big help.

I see I should type at the command prompt:

cd C:\Program Files\Mp3tag regsvr32 Mp3tagShell.dll

But that has regsvr32, not sure if that is relevant to the 64-bit version.

In that other thread, Florian has a line to disable the new context menu. I don't know what the new context menu is, but I expect I'm going to want to disable it.

You just need to select the option for the context menu during the Standard (not Portable) installation.

Regarding the linked topics to Windows 11 — those are only relevant if you have any problems. Most users are using the context menu on Windows 11 without problems.

Thanks Florian. I, like most others, simply take the defaults. I think the default should be checked. This will be most useful for me.

Though in hindsight, I could have added Mp3tag to the Send To menu, which just adds a delay, as the Send To menu has to be created.

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