How to remove apostrophes from titles

Hi everyone,

I've been using mp3tag for a while now, and I find it sooooo useful, saved me a bunch of time to be honest. So first of all, thanks for making this tool!

So my problem is, I have a few songs in french, and in this language, the apostrophe is really common but when I try and upload some of those files on my dedicated server via SFTP, the upload just won't start because of it, so I told to myself: Is there any chance that mp3tag could remove apostrophes from title names?
I came across this page but it's really complicated for me.

For now, the format of my songs are like that: '$num(%track%,2). %artist% - %title%'

Is there anyone that could put it down in a more simple way?

Thanks and have a good week-end!

Expand your mask like this:
$replace($num(%track%,2). %artist% - %title%,'',_)
This replaces all apostrophes with an underscore before the filename is created.
Please not that the '' is 2 ' and not a single "

Replace apostrophe with underline character ...

$replace(%TITLE%,'','_') $replace(%TITLE%,$char(39),'_') $replace(%TITLE%,$char(39),$char(95))

Remove apostrophe character ...

$replace(%TITLE%,'',) $replace(%TITLE%,$char(39),) $replace(%TITLE%,$char(39),$char(0))