How to Remove Aspect Ratio information

aspect ratio

I'm looking to remove the Aspect Ratio information in the cover information panel next to the album cover. In this case it would be 1000x914

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you

I would say that 1000x914 are the dimensions ...
Anyway: no, you cannot hide parts of the picture information. Either you see the picture with the properties or you hide the picture completely.

Why do you want to remove the information about the height and length of the embedded picture from the panel? (You can't remove it from the picture itself, every picture has this two dimensions).

Lol, I don't want to remove it from the picture. I just want the dimension hidden. Make that info area cleaner and less cluttered.

There is currently no option/setting to toggle the display of picture properties.

That's a bummer. Maybe something in the future? Yeah?

As someone who uses images extensively (over 25,000 image laden files), I'm having trouble seeing how this area is "cluttered". I'm a big believer in keeping things clean and simple, and have customized Mp3tag quite a bit to get "the look" I like, but that area is one of the least cluttered (IMHO). Here's a broader view of it, showing more of that part of the screen. It's not like info is overflowing...

It's personal preference, that's all.

Also in your pix, having "Front Cover" appear twice would be highly annoying to me. I see no reason for that.

Please note that the top one is the cover type and the bottom one is the (optional) picture description. It is only incidental that they show the same string.

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"Front cover" twice would drive me nuts also. In my desire to quickly grab a track with a cover to show you a screen grab, I grabbed one I hadn't cleaned up yet, still in my WIP folder.

After I rip a new track, I clean it up first. Make sure tracks are named properly, punctuation, correct cover, yada yada. Then and only then do I move it to its proper location in my music library.

That one was, as I said, a WIP. Here is one that's better...mp3