How to remove context menu

Sorry if this sounds a bit retrograde but I'd actually like to remove the context menu as there are already too many programmes on my system which have added context menus and it also interferes with navigating using shortcut keys.

I know there is a registry key which controls the behaviour of the context menu. Can you just delete this or is there a safer way to remove the context menu?

(I recently upgraded from 2.42 to 2.43, and deselected the context menu option during install. Unfortunately it didn't remove the context menu set up by 2.42)

I would also like Mp3tag to have an option to easily remove / add context menu entries for folders and / or audio files through Mp3tag options.

Currently the only way to remove Mp3tag context menu entries is to uninstall Mp3tag and install it again or perform some registry changes.

Adding Mp3tag back to context menu requires re-installation too.

It would be great if Mp3tag had context menu integration settings under Mp3tag options that would allow to add / remove context menu entry separately for audio files and for directories (folders, drives).

You are probably talking about the context menu in Windows Explorer.
So this is a property and function of Windows explorer. And the interaface to this program is via the registry or the shell extensions.

There is a utility that allows you to enable and disable shell extensions:
Perhaps this has the functions you need.

Sadly that it is 6 years later but add/remove context-menu feature does not implemented and no one answer how to remove it.

From what I have tried. I'm using Mp3Tag 3.0.2.
Remove these keys from registry editor will remove context-menu (right click menu).


If you are not sure about this, try to open its (Default) value.
For example: {6351E20C-35FA-4BE3-98FB-4CABF1363E12} and add x before close curly bracket.
Example: {6351E20C-35FA-4BE3-98FB-4CABF1363E12x}

ShellexView couldn't disable this context-menu. I don't know why.

the easiest way was to uninstall and install mp3tag again. I mean mp3tag setup ask if context menu should be installed or not.