How to remove _Directory duplicate

I was trying to figure out how to rename my files and the folder they are in without creating new folders. I went to the quick actions and chose "Format Tag Field". I selected _directory and added "Album Year" in the format field. I hit the Ok button and it didn't do anything the first time. I dont really know what it even does but for now that is not important. Now the _Directory shows up twice in some of the lists. For example in the "Format Tag Field" action _Directory appears at the top and the bottom of the list and I can't get rid of them, and I cannot revert the format field to being blank like it originally was before I messed with it. It also now shows up as an Extended Field in the "Convert Tag to Filename" option. How do I undo whatever it is I did?

I have also noticed that if I go and try to delete the format field from anything by using the "Remove From History" option, it does not work unless I use the action on whatever files I have loaded. I dont want to change the file tags, just get rid of stuff I have input. And you can't get to any of these areas if no files are loaded. So I must not be understanding something here. Any help appreciated.

This is an issue I'll fix for the next release. Thanks for reporting!

To get rid of the superfluous field you can use and enter this command:
defaults delete app.mp3tag.Mp3tag TagFieldsCustomFields

To actually use the feature you'd use it with _DIRECTORY and a format string like
%album% - %year%

The second issue is by design at the moment. I'm not sure if I'll change that anytime soon, so far an action is needed to persists the changes made with one of the lists.

Thanks for getting back to me. So if I have a folder holding all the tracks to an album and I want to rename the folder and track files without creating new folders ones, regardless or where the Album folder is located, I would first edit _Directory to what I wanted the folder to be named, and then still use the Tag-filename action and put _Directory/01. track.m4a? Or do I have to do it by going to the "format tag field" option, entering a format string in the _Directory tag, then doing the same thing for the _Filename tag, and then grouping the two actions together?

Also, is there a tag field or a way to get the bit depth of the album so that I can use it in a format string? If I wanted to name my album folders as "Album [24bit]" and "Album [16bit]" automatically by using an action or TAG-filename option?


If you want to edit the folder only without moving/renaming the files, you'd use the Format Tag Field action with _DIRECTORY and a corresponding formatstring. It renames the containing folder of the file. So if you run this on one file, all the other files in this folder will also be in the renamed folder.

If you want to move/rename the files, you can use the action for _FILENAME, where you can also use absolute and relative folder paths. This is the action-equivalent of converter Tag - Filename (where you can also use absolute and relative folder paths). If you run this on one file, all the other files in the file's folder are kept there and only the selected file(s) will be moved/renamed.

Regarding bit depth you can try %_bitspersample% — this field is not available for all formats.