How To Remove "Featuring xxxxxx" from Artist Field

This is a bit of a how to question. It is frustrating when MP3's have the Featuring Artist in addition to the main album artist in the Artist field as then when you do the tag to filename function it puts the songs with this format in a separate folder to those with just the main artist if you are using the \\artist\album name\ track name diretory structure.

What I want to do in my actions is basically if in the artist field contains

featuring I want to have Mp3Tag delete everything from the word Featuring onwards. Is this possible in anyway?



You may create an action of the type "Guess value" for ARTIST.
Guessing pattern would be:
%artist% featuring %dummy%

Please note that the action is case sensitive in respect to the string constant (;-)): i.e. you have to write the "Featuring" just the way it is found in the ARTIST field, e.g. "Featuring" or "featuring".

This pattern does not cater for other versions of "featuring", like "ft.", "feat." etc.

Thanks mate, quick response and worked like a charm! just created separate actions for each of the options ppl use for Featuring with an uppercase and lower case version!

much appreciated!

Use the tag "ALBUMARTIST" instead of "ARTIST" for your folder structure
To my opinion this is a much better solution than get of rid of additional informations.

The pssibility that some songs of an album have a different artist than the albumartist is very common regardless of "Featuring".

yeh Artist does seem like an appropriate place for that information but as my music collection is large and has evolved over yrs I used the format that if a song is on an album but has another contributor etc I do the following: songtitle (Featuring secondary artist)

thanks though :slight_smile: