How to remove leading zeroes from multiple Albums?


As you can see in the image, I want to get rid of the two zeroes, to make the album titles "Super Eurobeat x" instead of "00x". I know of the $num(%track%,2) string, and its similar to what I want to do, but for album titles.

What is "Super Eurobeat xxx"?
Ist is the filename?
Is it the tag-field "title"?
Is it the tag-field "album"?
Is "xxx" also in the tag-field "track"?

Ah I realized I didn't clarify that anywhere but the title. It's Super Eurobeat is an album and they're numbered. I want to get rid of the zeroes in front of the numbers in the album titles.

If I understand you correct "Super Eurobeat xxx" is the content of the tagfield ALBUM and you want to strip the leading zeros from the numerical part of the content.
Try this:
Select Convert->Tag-Tag
Field: ALBUM
Format string: $cutright(%album%,3)$num($right(%album%,2),1)

This does only work if there is not other content following the numerical part.
And my advice:
Always test first with copies of your files.

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Thanks, that's what I was looking for! And I think I understand the string you sent, so I might be able to tweak as necessary. :+1:

You could use a simple replace action for ALBUM where you replace "blank zero" with just "blank".
Do that until you get not more hits.

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