How to remove MP3 Codec?

Hello there!

I am using the Mp3TAG app however I am not able to remove Codec info from the track, therefore youtube keeps discovering the track!

Any idea, please?

What exactly do you mean with "Codec".

Could you please show us the field in a screenshot from ALT + T?

If you talk about
image or image

this are technical informations. You can not remove them.

Technical information fields begin with an underscore %_ and are read-only.


here you go



As you can see: There are no tags to remove.

%_codec% is a technical information field and read-only.

I see, but what do you think about why Youtube keeps founding the copyrights of the track although the tag has already been removed?


I would guess that YT don't look at this tags at all.
I assume that YT use some kind of acoustic fingerprinting/recognizing.

(It would be pretty ridiculous to use tags for copyright use. These tags can be altered and removed much too easy. :innocent:)

I think that they do some kind of analysis of the audio part and match it with an acoustic fingerprint to reduce copyright infringements.

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