How to remove part of Title for a number of songs

G'day, I need to remove part of the Title in a number of songs.

for example: Current title is [Jumping Jack Flash - Mean Streets]

I would like to remove "- Mean Streets"

I now do this manually for each song but if I had to do many of these, can I automate this in some way?

Something like select the 10 relevant songs, in the title field, enter [ remove "- Mean Streets"]

If you recommend using a script, please kindly tell me how to use the script in mp3Tag.

Thanks in advance, OR

Are the brackets part of the title?

Is it always " - Mean Streets" or do you need a general " - some text" ?

Thanks dano,

No, the brackets are not part of the title. I used them as simply brackets to separate the title of the song from the sentence.

I need " - some text". Mean Streets was just an example.

Regards, OR

Make a new action:

Action type: Guess values
Source format: %title%
Guessing pattern: %title% - %dummy%

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Thanks Dano. This worked but with slight change

In Guessing Pattern, I used %title% - Mean Streets which worked. %title% - %- Mean Streets% did not work.

Thanks again, OR

I wrote %title% - %dummy%
so use exactly that.
%dummy% is a special field. You can use it to discard everything at its position.

That worked just fine..

I didn't know %dummy% is a special field. I thought you meant "dummy" as in variable.

Thanks once again, OR

Thanks! This is trick works friggin great!
So much time saved.

Awesome, thank you so much sir.

This was brilliant! I used it for an audiobook that had 93 files. So glad I saved myself an hour of manually updating the titles.