How to remove part of Title for a number of songs

G'day, I need to remove part of the Title in a number of songs.

for example: Current title is [Jumping Jack Flash - Mean Streets]

I would like to remove "- Mean Streets"

I now do this manually for each song but if I had to do many of these, can I automate this in some way?

Something like select the 10 relevant songs, in the title field, enter [ remove "- Mean Streets"]

If you recommend using a script, please kindly tell me how to use the script in mp3Tag.

Thanks in advance, OR

Are the brackets part of the title?

Is it always " - Mean Streets" or do you need a general " - some text" ?

Thanks dano,

No, the brackets are not part of the title. I used them as simply brackets to separate the title of the song from the sentence.

I need " - some text". Mean Streets was just an example.

Regards, OR

Make a new action:

Action type: Guess values
Source format: %title%
Guessing pattern: %title% - %dummy%

Thanks Dano. This worked but with slight change

In Guessing Pattern, I used %title% - Mean Streets which worked. %title% - %- Mean Streets% did not work.

Thanks again, OR

I wrote %title% - %dummy%
so use exactly that.
%dummy% is a special field. You can use it to discard everything at its position.

That worked just fine..

I didn't know %dummy% is a special field. I thought you meant "dummy" as in variable.

Thanks once again, OR

Thanks! This is trick works friggin great!
So much time saved.

Awesome, thank you so much sir.