How to remove RATING tag for batch

I have several thousand files on a hard drive, separated into folder by album. I would like to remove the RATING tag from all the files, and doing it file by file or even folder by folder is exhausting. Is there some way to do a batch process of some hind to simply remove the RATING tag from all the files?

Take time to read this first. But your problem is fixed by going to actions>remove fields

and simply adding the field you want removed.

ps. that information would be usefull in order to give a full answer.

Navigate to the top-most folder, load all the files into MP3tag.
Select all files in the files list.
Press Atl-T to open the Extended Tags dialogue.
Select the tag field that you want to delete and press the red x-button.
Press OK for the extended tags dialogue.
The modified fields will be handled. Which may take a while.

If you want to handle only those files which really have the ratings-field, then enter a filter:
(the name of the variable depends on the actually found field as there are several ratings fields)
NOT %rating wmp% IS ""

I'm stuck on the first step. The topmost folder, Albums, only has subfolders, one for each album. If I select this folder in mp3tag it shows no music files. I have used the method you suggest to do one album subfolder at a time, but I have thousands of them.

I created a new action to remove the RATING field. The problem is that the apply it to the files I have to get the files into the filename panel in mp3tag. I can't see how to to this for more than one music file folder (album) at a time. If I could figure out how to do this, I could use an action or the extended tags list to remove the RATING tag from all the files.

Any tips appreciated.

Check in Tools>Options>General whether you have ticked "subfolders".
THis should read a folder and all its subfolders.

Thanks. That did it. I looked for such an option everywhere but where it was.

Feeling foolish, so thanks again.