How to remove repeted tracks in playlist

Hey all, been using this wonderful app for a couple of years now, just of recent I've been trying to use it to make playlists.

Problem - I have made many compilations of my own saved into different folders, when trying to make a massive all encompessing compilation, I end up with lots of the same tracks in the playlist, is there anyway to remove them purely based on the track title and artist, ignoring the album title, as the repeated tracks have different album, titles.

Mucho thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer - Rob

Recreate the playlist with the export (Ctrl+E)
(But the order is not kept)

Make a new config and enter

$filename(No dupes.m3u,ansi)$loop(%artist% %title%,1)#EXTM3U
#EXTINF:%_length_seconds%,$if2(%artist% - %title%,%_filename_ext%)

Cheers fella, very helpful, just what I needed