How to remove selected fields?

I have a bunch of files with some fields that are useless for my application, like acoustic fingerprint and such. Each file has a different collection of fields.

How can I set the fields that I want to remain in the file and delete all other fields?

Select all of the files you want to update, and open the enhanced tag editor. From there select any of the fields you want to get rid of, and then use the big red β€œX” on the right. Do this for all fields you want to delete, then save.

Make sure you really want these deleted for all files before you try it. When it’s gone, it’s gone!

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WOW, fantastic! Thank you!

If you have a defined set of fields that you need/want to keep and it happens frequently that you get files with "superfluous" fields, then you can also apply an action of the type "Remove fields except".

Still, it may be interesting to see what other fields came with the files and then have a closer look at them.

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