How to Remove Specific tags?

How can I remove specific tags? I have quite a few files where ID3v2.4 will conflict with my custom made and managed ID3v2.3 tags. The only way so far I can find around this is to remove all tags and do everything from scratch. With a lot of files, this is not really a viable solution.

If you want to change ID3v2.4 to ID3v2.3 make sure that you're using the corresponding settings at Options > Tags > Mpeg and simply re-save the tag.

If you simply want to delete certain fields from your files, select the files, open the extended tag dialog via [Alt+T], delete the fields and press OK.

This doesn't quite work for me. I can edit extended tags to my hearts content and resave all day but things remain messed up. Perhaps I am not doing something correct within MP3Tag's settings, however this is what happens for me:

When I open up a troublesome directory, everything seems okay.

If I remove all tags, however, these residual ID3v2.4 tags are left over that MP3Tag did not initially see. These are the exact same files, just after MP3Tag was supposed to wipe all tags.

When I try to play these "conflicted" files in MediaMonkey, it's a real mess. I'm not sure if MP3Tag has a problem handling both sets of tags at the same time, or if my config is messed up, but the end result is the only way I can fix this is to remove my set of hand made 2.3 tags, and then perform the remove tag operation again for the leftover 2.4 tags and redo the tags by hand. I can automate the process a slight bit by tag>filename and then back to filename>tag, but it is nonetheless a rather lengthy process for something that I think is broken in some manner.

I think my settings are okay, but perhaps I'm missing something buried in more advanced settings.

Here is an offending file as an example.

Just do right click on your files and choose "Tag cut"
It removes then ID3v2.3 tags that are first in your file but saves them to the clipboard.
Then again right click "Tag paste" and it overwrites the ID3v2.4 tags with your 2.3 tags and you have only one set of ID3v2.

Woah... awesome. Thanks Dano! Now I feel silly for always glancing over those functions all the hundreds/thousands of times I've opened the context menu. :X Tagging just got a lot easier/faster/less risky! Copy/remove x3/paste! =D

I would have thought Tag Cut/Copy would have copied the irrelevant data as well. AHHHH I love MP3Tag so much I think I might donate! :3

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