How to remove unwanted cover art?

I use MP3tag to tag audio from a site that records streaming radio for later listening.

Problem is, I now have an unwanted picture (of the "Grease" soundtrack, which I'm not really fond of, never have been) in the cover art space, regardless of what I'm tagging.

I tried finding the picture on our hard drive and deleting it, but the next time I open MP3tag, there are Olivia and John staring at me again.

How do I get rid of it?

If the picture is embedded in the file, you may do a right-click on the display of the cover at the bottom of the tag panel and use the function "Delete cover". Save the modification.

Alternatively, you can open the Extended Tags dialogue (Alt-T) and delete it there.

If you see the file because it is in the file system (the tag panel shows a file name for the picture) then you have to keep on searching.

That's greyed-out. No luck there.

Delete button greyed-out there, too.

Thanks to this page, I found out that these images are protected system files (how that ended happening, d@mned if I know!) and followed its instructions to remove them. Solved! dL