How to remove unwanted text from different tags

Hello I have a problem.

my Title-Tag looks like:

"Peter Clines - Dead Moon - The beginning"

and my Album-Tag and my Artist-Tag look the same.

How can I remove the unwanted text in the Tag?

The result should look like this:

Title-Tag : The beginning
Artist-Tag: Peter Clines
Album-Tag: Dead Moon

Can i use that for that?
Action type: Replace with regular expressions

Thx for your help

This can be done via a (Quick) Action Import tag fields:

Import tag fields
Source format: %title%
Formatstring: %dummy% - %dummy% - %title%

The same can be done for artist and album, where you'd use the respective placeholder for the source format and adjust the position of the %dummy% placeholder, which is used to ignore specific parts upon importing.

Or even shorter:
Formatstring: %artist% - %album% - %title%

where you distribute the data to the other tag-fields - provided one tag field has the full scope.

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