How to Removing Title ending with zeros? ?

I am new to mp3tag, was wondering if someone can assist me in an action script that helps remove the zero in my title fields, Example Psalms 001 to just Psalms 1, and Psalms 020 to just Psalms 20..

Pls see attach picture of what I mean..


Create an action of the type "Replace" for TITLE
Search string: 0
(the 0 has a blank in front,
Replace string:
(leave empty)

Or if you want to be sure that only the zero behind Psalms gets removed, use
Format string: Psalms 0
Replace String: Psalms
(with a blank behind the last s)

Repeat the action until there are no more leading zeros.

If you are not sure about actions, see the FAQs: /t/967/1

Thks ohrenkino, but suppose I do not like to type in Psalms 0, because I have many books of the Biblical Title to remove these "0" is there another way if doing it ? The method I use was just to replace 0 with nothing but guess what it also remove Psalms 020 to Psalms I need a good script that I can use to do for all the rest of the Biblical Titles as well..Thks

How to Removing Title ending with zeros? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Hmm ...

Please consider, if this column will be sorted, whether the result might then look like this:

From sorted ...

19_Psalms 001
19_Psalms 002
19_Psalms 003
19_Psalms 010
19_Psalms 011
19_Psalms 012
19_Psalms 100
19_Psalms 101

To sorted ...
19_Psalms 1
19_Psalms 10
19_Psalms 100
19_Psalms 101
19_Psalms 11
19_Psalms 12
19_Psalms 2
19_Psalms 3

Convert "Tag - Tag" ... or ... Action "Format value" Field: TITLE Formatstring: $regexp(%TITLE%,'0*(\d+)$','$1')


Yes, I know. That is why I originally suggested:

because 020 will not loose its second 0 as there is no blank in front of it but a 2.
DetlevD's notes on sorting should also be considered.

Replace string: (leave empty)? I think you wamt a space there.

I'd replace with regular expression:

Action type: Replace with regular expression
Field: TITLE
Regular expression: \s0+(\d)
Replace matches with: \s$1

[ ] case-sensitive comparison

I believe those leading zeroes are there to solve a sorting problem. You might want to leave them in another field and use it to sort.

You are right about the space there.
I am always a little reluctant to "assault" a new user with regular expressions. That is why suggested a plain "replace".