How to rename a parent folder in lowercase

Hi guys,

I am trying with no results to find a way to lowercase the parent folders of albums.

Any advice? You may take a look at the action I wrote, don't know what to add..


You have already defined the parent folder of the file with the name '[library]'.
Do it the same for the "parent folders of albums".


Thanks for your reply, but I mean "%artist% - (%year%) %album%", I tried to use the $lower() function and "Case conversion: _DIRECTORY" with no results.

Why dont you use the $lower() function in the middle of the definition of the filename?
This would save you one action.
Also I think that in Windows you have to actually rename a folder by adding a dummy string and convert it to lower case at the same time - otherwise Windows does not modify the case.
You then need a second action to remove the dummy string from the folder again.

Hi, well, I already tried, but in Win 10 the lower function does not work (see screenshot), it just creates a new folder (probably I am doing something wrong, sorry I am a noob). In the end I decided to use another app (just to rename the folders) since I really did not find out a solution. Thanks anyway!

I just tried more or less you string:
c:\users\public\Podcasts'['library']'$lower(%artist% - (%year%)%album%)$num(%track%,2) %title%
This gives this result:
"c:\users\public\Podcasts[library]\1live comedy - (2015)1live comedy sammler\02 TV Total"

which looks just like that what you described ...
So perhaps you check the syntax again ...

I checked again, and now $lower(%artist% - (%year%)%album%) works, like you said I probably made a syntax error in my fist attempts, thanks a million ^_^ !