How to rename filename

I've used MP3tag with great success organising my whole music library. But now I run into a seemingly simple task which I can't perform, because I probably doing something wrong, but I don't know what :frowning: .
Most of my filenames are like this: "02 - ", but some are like: "02; " or: "02. ". Now how do I rename all my filenames to the first mentioned format?


Well, you could perform a "Replace action" for _FILENAME. that replaces the offending character with the correct one.

Or you use the converter TAG-FILENAME and a mask like this:

$num(%track%,2) - %artist% - %title%

You could run something like this:

Begin Action Group _Script Test#TEST

Action #1 Actiontype 5: Format value Field ______: _FILENAME Formatstring: $regexp(%_filename%,^\d+\s*-*\.*;*\s*(.+),$num(%track%,2) - $1)

End Action Group _Script Test#TEST (1 Action)

Its gets all the text string after:
'02 - '
'02; '
'02. '

And replaces it with TRACK padded with 2 numbers and then - $1 (What has been captured after the 3 things above.

This proposal does not need any tag-field value, but just the filename ...

Convert | Tag - Tag | ALT+5

Select format string


Format string:

$regexp($regexp(%_filename%,'^(\d+)[ ;.-]+(.+)$','00$1 - $2'),'0*(\d\d)(.+)','$1$2')

... or ...

$regexp('00'%_filename%,'^0*(\d\d)[ ;.-]+(.+)$','$1 - $2')

01 - song one.mp3
02; song two.mp3
3. song three.mp3
04 song four.mp3
5 song five.mp3

01 - song one.mp3
02 - song two.mp3
03 - song three.mp3
04 - song four.mp3
05 - song five.mp3

Testfiles ... (1.77 KB)
DD.20121109.1242.CET (1.77 KB)

Thank you so much all, very helpful.
Problem solved!


Ok and what about

01 Hold on to Love
01 - Hold on to Love (don't work)

Thank you

Both formatstrings work as designed, try again.


I tried it with both formatstrings and it makes no change

Ok i found the issue

i placed originalfilename instead of filename

it works now

sorry for the mistake

Thank you again