How to rename files based on Tag information?

... i have found it as very good product. Great job guys :slight_smile: ... Only one things little bit missing there is something as Total Commander style "Multi-Rename Tool". I would have found it very useful especially in combination with "Filename - Tag" function ...

Please have a look at the converter Tag - Filename.

And please don't post your requests and questions via mail and on the forums -- posting it on the forums will do it.

... sorry for mail, i have discovered this forum after i have written mail :slight_smile: ... so i looked at this Tag-Filename as you recommended, and it is really comfortable and effective, but there is one small issue. Here is one example:

... if I have filenames created with Track number and Filename together as for example "05. Stairway to Heaven" and empty Title, i have to choose this way:

  • Filenam-Tag
  • Tag-Filename with Format string: "$mid(%_filename%,5,$len(%_filename%)-4)"
  • Filename-Tag again

... as you see, it requires basic knowledge about some simple string converting functions in VBA or other languages, and that i found very difficult to use for common users ...

Just use Filename - Tag with a format string like %track%. %title% to import the track and the title field to the tag.

If you meant something different, please be a little bit more specific.