How to rename files?

There are files with different names:

  1. 0d9f0d9f0d9.mp3
  2. 4kj56j5j64j56.mp3
  3. .........

There is a file where there is a list of files and which of these files is a specific song: names.csv

filename: 0d9f0d9f0d9.mp3
artist: artistname
title: titlename

Is it possible to upload a file using Mp3Tag and rename the files themselves based on the list names.csv?

example: 0d9f0d9f0d9.mp3 => artistname - titlename.mp3

You would have to import the ARTIST and TITLE content from your names.csv files in a first step.
In a second step you can then rename your files with the new content in your ARTIST and TITLE tags.

For the first step you can start here:

For the second step you can start here:

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