how to rename mp3?

I looked at the help files but not sure I am doing the right procedure. I simply wish to rename some mp3's I got from a home made cd, the names of the songs on the cd's were "track 1", track 2" e.t.c, I wish now to give the actual artist and tile name to each track so I import the folder containing the songs, I select the first one and in the left pane, I change the Title and Artist fields to reflect what I want then I go to File->Save, refesh the folder on my HDD and nothing's changed, help please?

Use the function Tag-Filename (a button in the toolbar or a function in the menu Converter).
Enter the name(s) of the fields you want to have as part of the filename for help there is an arrow button that opens a list to select a field.
Finally press OK.

Just a BTW: filenames are void and say nothing about a track. THe real information is inside a file in the shape of the mp3 tags.
Yet, I understand that you want to reflect the content in the filename.