How to replace double dots in Filename(.Extension)

case: complete filename= 12..34..test..mp3

In the above case i want to separate the last two dots by a space character. Without changing the %title% field (= 12..34..test.)

desired operation per single action would be:

filename.extension= 12..34..test..mp3 -> 12..34..test. .mp3

i cant get this one to work...

any tips?

What about an action of the type Replace for _FILENAME_EXT
Search string: ..mp3
Replace string: . .mp3')


If I understood your question correctly, this should give the wanted result.
It works in 2.56a.


(add a single whitespace character at the end of the string!)


tried that already as single action and quick action, doesnt work :unsure:

It doesn't change the %title% value.

From: 12..34..test..mp3 To : 12..34..test. .mp3 Convert "Tag - Tag" ... or ... Action "Format value" Field: _FILENAME Formatstring: $replace(%_filename_ext%,'.'%_extension%,' .'%_extension%)