How to replace Round Brackets?

The need is to create a proper filename from %TITLE% tag to store the file up to a homepage server that only supports a filesystem charset limited to [0-9a-zA-Z_#~].

In order to do this I've created an action rule for replacing the round brackets "(", ")" by an alllowed char, tilde sign "~" or hash sign "#", but did not have any success.
Any idea around in the world how to do?


Hello Detlev,

this should work using a normal Replace action. If you're using regular expressions, you have to mask the brackets using the backslash character like ( and )

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ah, yes, I did so, but it didn't work ... until now.
My bad, there was a series of rules following and one rule has deleted the replacement done before. Therefore I thought it might not work at all. Sorry to bother you.
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If want to replace ( with [ in the title, bute every time I get an formating error:


nothing works. Where is my error? :huh:

Your error is, that you might have forgotten Mp3tag basic scripting rules.
This should work: $replace(%title%,'(','[',')',']')


Yes, this works. Before I replaced blanlblank to blank, without these ' and only read abot regex masking for ( and [. Where can I find the Mp3Tag basic scriptiong rules, where I can read when I have to use ' and when it is possible without '?