How to resequence the Tag-to-Filename droplist

Hi Florian,

Thank you for great program.

I find that I have created a number of special format strings for the Tag-to-Filename window process.
I have 19 in there now... :wink:

I would like to re-sequence them so that their grouping and order in the drop-down list makes better sense to me. Currently, if I need a new/different one, I forget what I have made and/or where it is in the list.

I have searched on the forum, and also looked into files on my hard drive (program files, documents and settings application data) to see where that data might be saved, but no luck in finding it (I found a number of ini files, but none with my 19 format entries).

Can someone point to me where I might find and be able to edit the list?
Or is it buried in the internals of the program itself?

If so, I wish to request ability to edit this list in some kind of ini or parameter text file.

(sorry if I have asked this in a previous email... I know I have thought about requesting such a feature... I searched and could not find so I think this is my first request for this, at least, first forum request).


Hi TechHarmony, I am not Florian, but I come in for short to point you to some possible help.

In order to protect the novice user from destroying their Mp3tag configuration and format strings and so on, due to inexperienced manipulation on ini files, and to reduce support time for repair receipts, some time ago the developer has abandoned the concept of open human readable ini files in favor of a closed human un-readable cfg-file (not so good from my point of view).
Even for the very experienced users this step complicates reading and modifying saved user related configuration content. Changing the cfg-file from outside of Mp3tag is not recommended.

There exists a workaround tool which can read the item lists from MP3tag dialogs and save the data to a text file. See there:


Thank you DetlevD for the link to the extractor program.

It worked fine on my Windows XP SP3 machine, and I now have a good text file of the string sets to use as reference.
This will let me be a little more adventurous in trying to re-order my string sets.

Note, I had previously tried to change and delete some of the strings in the drop-down-list to re-order them, but I ended up completely losing a few of the strings. So I stopped doing that and have since then only added new ones, for fear of losing any of my existing ones.

With your listing tool I now have saved my format list strings.

While I too would prefer plain text files so that I could refine them myself, I can also understand Florian's perspective. Especially as I used to be a corporate IT (Information Technology) programmer years back, and can remember the disasters that happened when users went into the system and tried to "tweak" things for themselves. Yikes! :astonished: :flushed:

I came across this thread while searching for a way to do something similar. What I wish is that there was a way to give each format string an alias so rather than seeing long, complicated strings in the dropdown list you would see Normal Album, Soundtrack, etc. So far, I've been using a text file with my format strings listed and just copying and pasting them when needed. Being able to use aliases would be much more efficient.

You can already add descriptions to format strings. Just put some text in square brackets:

[Normal Album]%artist% - %title%

Thanks, dano! That's what I was looking for.

I have a VERY long list of custom format strings and would actually like to delete the all and start out fresh. Does anyone know how to clean out the drop down/s for Filename - Tag assignments and such? I see there is an .ini file in the app directory but there is nothing in it. I have no idea where this information is actually stored. If someone could point me in that direction, I might be able to figure out how to what I need to do from there.

Thanks in advance!!!


Install Mp3tag 2.47b and you will find an option to delete all entries at the little triangle button.

Thanks a BUNCH for the reply! I thought I read something in the changelog for 2.47b that mentioned something about cleaning out that list but I clearly wasn't looking in the right spot for it. Again... many thanks!

I've added the option to manage the list of format strings of the converter Tag - Filename, including changing the sequence of the entries and more with Mp3tag v3.14d.

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