How to save all settings

I usually recreate my settings by copying the content of to the correct directory. Up to now this has worked fine.
However recently on a new install done this way I noticed that my columns had been reset to standard and all my previous format strings in the convert functions had disappeared.
Before I recreate all of this now, I would like to know if these two parameters are copied over by using

You can open the zip file and check whether you find the files columns.ini and mp3tag.cfg in the archive (I did).
To apply the archive you would have to unpack it in the configuration folder.

More ... see the documentation

Thanks @ohrenkino
I found the columns.ini file inside the zip. I must have pulled a from the wrong machine along the way. I'll make a new configuration and then pull the again.

I think I didn't make sure that the old ini files were actually overwritten from the zip. I have now done the whole process again, starting with the I had and everything is back. Thanks for the hints.

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