how to save the col settings

when we install a new version of mp3tag the old settings of columns goes and we have to do it afresh. I arranged the tags as filename.artist, album, title. vbr. size. length so on and i have adjusted the col width also to my convenience. when i installed the new 272 version today, i lost all the settings. Now i have to do it afresh. i have read somewhere that the settings can be saved so that it can be imported to a new version of mp3tag. how can it be accomplished? thanks

I have found the answer

go to faq- installation and backup- and get the answer.

You found something useful but not what you were primarily looking for.
With the backup-function you can save your configuration, actions, exports ... to a zip-file.

You can handle with your column-settings in a different way.
If you open your columns-menue you find at the left bottom a Utill-Button.
With this you can save your column-settings to an ini-file.
You can even define several arrangements and save them to different ini-files and when you need another arrangement you can load it.

But your main aim:
I don't know how you updated to the new Mp3tag-version because normally you don't loose your column-settings during update.

thanks a lot for the suggestion.I haven't updated my new version. instead i removed the previous one and then installed the new version No 272. as you pointed out i was disappointed in not getting the required result with my invention. kindly tell me how to import the ini files into the new version.
actually i have the so called ini file with me of the previous version but don't know how to import this into the new version.

so from your suggestion it is possible to update the new version. how to do it?

If you really only do an update which installs the newer version in the same folders as the old versions, all your personal settings are preserved and used by the updated version.
If you do not do it like that, you have to manually copy the data folder and the cfg and ini files from the folder(s) of the old version to the new version.

If you just keep your old installation and just install the new one you keep all your settings.

You can read this in the chapter of the FAQ you pointed to:

Do you have an ini-file for the columns? Then you must have created it yourself, because it is only created with the Util-Button in the columns.menue. The Util-Button has an option to load these ini-files, too.

The normal configuration of MP3Tag is not in ini-files but in the file mp3tag.cfg, which lies in %appdata%\roaming\mp3tag. During Update-Installation Mp3Tag takes this previous cfg-file and therefore keeps all settings, too.

thanks for the reply. but actually what happened is i have removed the old version completely from my computer and downloaded the new version and then it was installed. so there is no question of keeping the old folder in c: programm files / mp3tag.

about the upgradation.... without removing the old version, just run the new version's setup.exe will do the majic of keeping the oldconfiguration file. am i right?

your suggestion load the ini file .. yes i will try. thanks

thanks for the suggestion. i had tried to copy paste the ini file into the mp3tag folder in the programme files folder. but nothing happened. hence this post.

I think that the correct folder for this is

thanks for the tip