How to select all files in an album without having to manually select?

Have lots and lots of files, all with correct album titles. But I want to now select just the files in each album automatically, so I can correctly label the release year. Like right-clicking with the matter which way I try I have manually select the files.

It would be so useful to be able to click and select the files which are tagged with an album title... any ideas Mp3Tag collective brain?

I am not sure that I understand your problem.
So you have

but you want

So: is the tag field ALBUM filled or not?
If the field ALBUM is not filled - how should MP3tag guess which files belong to an album?

That's the only way. Mp3tag works with individual files. Which belong to the same album or the same Artist or the same release year is up to you. You have to manually selected this files. There is no such thing like "preselect all other files with the same text for me".

The only way would be a filter ... and then press Ctrl-A to select all files.

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