How to select an specific data from Discogs?

Hello everyone, I have trying to get only one song data from internet but when I choose the song I want in tracks list, the software automatically selects the first song info and apply it to my file, even if I have selected another track info:

I select the correct track:

And the soft apply the first track info instead:

I don't know how supposed I should select the correct info to apply to my file, but it assigns wrong info to my files always (except when the file is exactly the first track in album) what Im doing wrong?

You have to move your track on the lower right side (the only one on the lower right side) DOWN until you reach the position #7 on the left side.
Select it and press the button "Move down" 6 times.

Both sides have to match the track line to get the online information to the correct track.

Yeap, thanks, it works!

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