how to Select multiple files and apply predfined tag values??


i want to ease mp3 tag editing process.

How can i select multiple files and apply pre-defined tag values??

You can drag&drop files from the explorer into Mp3tag. I hope, you know how to select multiple files in WE.
The same mechanisms apply for files that you see in the Mp3tag files list. Additionally, there is the possibility to apply filters.

In order to store one particular value in numerous files in one go:
Select the files in the files list.
Enter the value(s) in the appropriate field(s) in the tag panel.
Press Ctrl-S or the save icon in the toolbar to save.

Please show us a real world example.

Perhaps you want something like this ...
Creating a Drop Down Menu


thanks for explanation.

but problem is that i have to manually fill the required fields after selecting multiple files.
I just want it to be in one click and go.

How should any program be able to guess what you intend to appear in a field?
How should any program guess what you might have thought to be the reason why you selected a certain set of files.

That is why I do not think it is ever feasible.
What you can do (but this no quicker): you can import values from an external text file. They are sort of "pre-defined". But even there you do not get around entering them.

or you can use the web sources which retrieve that what other users have collected as data. But even with this source it is never just

u didnt get my point correctly.

When i say pre-defined values which means i save the values in the program or text file, and when i select multiple files and import these values than these values should be applied on all predefined tags.

actually i'm blogger, and i do upload mp3 files after editing tags and adding my website information and url etc.

so i am looking for easiest possible way of doing this..

If you want to see the same data in specific fields then you should have a look at "Actions".
With an action of the type "Format value" it is possible to assign the field and the data which should appear after the action has been executed.
Actions can be grouped so that the same set of actions is executed with just a sinlge click.
You have to define these actions once, though.

thanks let me have a look at it.