How to separate multiple artist?

Beginner of MP3TAG today, and I wonder how I should separate multiple artists?
I have googled and searched, and people say different things. Like:

I want the most correct way, I know players may not follow the best practise.

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The official specification says:

The 'Lead artist(s)/Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)/Performing group' is
used for the main artist(s). They are seperated with the "/"

Or you can press ALT + T on your selected songs and add as many ARTIST entries as you need.
Mp3tag show them as \\Artist1\\Artist2\\Artist3\\Artist4 in the Tag Panel, but they are all saved in their own tags, all with the same ARTIST tag name.

How to separate multiple artist

Thanks, I guess this is correct then?

YOu may encounter different approaches to how players interpret fields with several pieces of data in them. Which means that there is no best practice.

On the other hand: try to find out for which purpose you need that separation most. If you do not really need separate fields but you can tolerate all pieces of data in 1 string, then go for the semicolon-space option. This shows you all the (e.g.) artists in 1 field and you don't have to fuss around with merging the fields if you want to write a new filename. Also, by avoiding any kind of slash (forward, backward, single, double) you do not run into trouble in respect to file system conventions and special characters.
And should it happen that you need a special separator, you can use MP3tag's functions to replace semicolon-space with that what you need.

See also here:

As @ohrenkino explains:
There is no "correct" or "best" way. There is only a "ideal way for you and your devices".

You will shoot yourself in the foot if you ignore your players or your different file systems. :wink: