How to set auto remove of Read-Only when creating an Action?

Sometimes in the middle of an operation, it would be stopped just to ask if Mp3tag can edit a read-only file.

When creating an action, can we set it to perform operations without asking if it's OK to edit read-only files?

Isn't this something that the OS asks?
If you want to prevent this but you are not sure if there are still any files with the read-only attribute, then use the command shell command

attrib -r /s *.mp3

at one of the highlevel folders.

Hmm, maybe, see dialog "Mp3tag\Tools\Options\Messages", ...
... try to disable "warnings from Actions" ...
... otherwise revoke the read only attribute from the files before change, use any file manager.


I also see the possibility that files are being treated that do not have the correct access attributes in respect to ownership.
These could then only be accessed either with administrator permissions or after the owner has been corrected.
Even though MP3tag's purpose is mainly to modify the file contents, it is up to the user to set the environment right where he runs MP3tag.
Mp3trag would become a hacker tool if it would be able to ignore the security settings.

Yes, you are right, I had not considered a multiuser environment.