How to share my 3000 tags with unconnected friend?



I would like to share about 3000 tags with a friend who is not connected at home, and therefore cannot retrieve info from freedb. We almost have the same files (well, he gave me almost everyone, that's why), but his are not tagged, not even track named.
But i read and re-read help files and still can't figure out the way to do it...

Anyone can help ?
Thanks in advance.



You can use the export feature to export the fields you want to give to your friend to a text file and then tell your friend to use the Taglist file - Tag wizard to import the tags.


Thank you Sebastian

but, well, this i undertood. That is the way to do it that i didn't...

In fact i would somehow like to give him a pseudo freedb data base where he can pick up the tags for each file we have in common.

if it is by exporting the tags, i would like to know the way to write the script so i can give him :
filename - genre - artist - album - date - track - title
and the way he can put them on his files, knowing his filenames are different (oftenly finishing by "Audiotrack XX").

if it is by local freedb, i tried to do it but i am asked for a freedb id... beuh... how could i know ? I tried with a ID given by the internet freedb once, but when i tried to enter it to local, it replied he could find matching result...

Must be a big something i don't get in this, isn't it ?

Help me if you can (like the other one said)
Thank you


The problem for importing Tags from taglist-file is that your friend must have exactly the same files and sort them in the same way you did it while exporting tags.

I can imagine 2 ways:
The simple way is to copy allready tagged files from your hdd to your friend's hdd

The difficult way is:

  • export tags to text file with md5 hash as the first field e.g.

    $loop(%_filename_ext%)%_md5audio% - %_filename_ext% - %artist% - %album% - %title% - %track% - %year% - %genre% - %comment%
    %_md5audio% - %_filename_ext% at the beginnig are important

  • sort all lines of this file (e.g. in Excell)

  • your friend should do the same thing with his files, but export only the md5 hash and filename $loop(%_filename_ext%)%_md5audio% - %_filename_ext%


  • now both files should be compared, all files (=lines in your textfile) that your friend didn't have should be deleted and all lines that your file not have should be replaced with line from file of your friend (that's the point how to do this automatically :unsure: ) and your filenames should be replaced with his filenames

  • now delete md5hashes from taglist-file (RegEx)

  • sort file, it will be sorted by filename

  • your friend sorts all his files by filename and imports the taglist file
    all equal files from both collections are tagged equal
    it's "a little bit" complicated :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, simply choose one of these methods :wink:


I think that this doesn't work.

If you have two files with different content, the md5 hash will be different. This means also that if you have the same track with different tags, you'll have different md5.

You may try this:

  1. copy one file
  2. delete tags from the copy of the file
  3. calculate md5 and compare


Thank you Nickless,

yes, this is the way... a "little bit" complicated, but it definitly works.

But i come back with freedb :
i guess there is something in this database that identify the files no matter there name and tags are (when converting audio files you only have "audiotrack xx" written by the program).
Isn't it a way to build a personnal data base with this way of identification ? So my dear friend would only do with this data base the way i do it with internet freedb... this would be so much simpler.

any idea ?



Thank you Squonk63,

well it seems to work, don't ask me how, but the md5 are the same even with different filename and tags, as far as i tested it.
but i am really a dummy, so i may have done it the wrong way...

If ever you have an idea about personnal "freedb like" database, as ask in the reply to nickless, please share.



That's why I've choosen %_md5audio% for exporting hash values, it calculates hash of audio part only. :slight_smile:


I have no idea how the structure of a local freedb database internally looks like, but if it's one (ore few) textfile, you can make a export configuration and export your tags into such database.



sorry, I've not seen that; thanks for the tip...

Don't know exactly, maybe you may find something useful on FreeDb.


I've downloaded a small part of local database, it contains a large amount of small textfiles (one for every album, freedb-id). I think you can easily export your tags in the right format (the only one thing that could be the problem is to calculate the freedb-id) but IMHO it's not possible to export into multiple files automatically.
The perfect solution would be to find the software that is used to build such databases, something like "submit into local database".


Thanks to both of you for your kind replies,

Maybe the right thing to do is do download the entire freedb data base (332Mo), to burn it and give it to my friend... he'll do whatever he wants with it! hehe.