How to show BITRATE as field in Tag Panel?

Hi, this is probably a simple one but with a little experimenting I haven't had any luck.

I'm trying to add a Bitrate field to display in the Tag Panel that shows the file's Bitrate.

I have figured out using the Tag-->Filename function how to include Bitrate in the filenames & folders by searching the forum.

I've tried going to Tools/Options/Tag Panel/Add Field and adding "%BITRATE%" and "%_BITRATE" (defaults to ALL CAPS as I type) as the "Field:", but this doesn't work.

Any help would be appreciated.

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(your first input misses the underscore, the second the closing percent sign ...)

Actually, I've tried both of those... my original post had typos in both items I tried. Should have been, as you said:




(And as I mentioned, the input box forces CAPS.)

If I right-click on a MP3 file in MP3Tag, and choose "Extended Tags", BITRATE doesn't show up there either. But %_bitrate% does work when using Tag->Filename.

Also, if I re-enter Tools/Options/Tag Panel after adding the Bitrate field as %_BITRATE%, then edit the field, the field then shows as "_BITRATE", without the "%" signs, they're gone.

Any ideas?

The MP3's do show a bitrate in their Windows Explorer and Xplorer2Lite "Bit Rate" column. Whether they are CBR or VBR makes no difference.


Apparently it is not possible to show the bitrate in the tag panel. You can add a column, though, to show the bitrate. But that is about it.
Bitrate is a read-only field as the value is set during compilation.

add a column ... to show the bitrate

set the Value field to
%_bitrate% kb/s $left(%_vbr%,1)

just add
$replace($replace($replace($replace(%_mode%,Joint Stereo,JS),Stereo,S),Single Channel,M),Dual Channel,D)
for mode display

HTH, andreas

You can use only one $replace command:

$replace(%_mode%,Joint Stereo,JS,Stereo,S,Single Channel,M,Dual Channel,D)

You can use only one $replace command:
$replace(%_mode%,Joint Stereo,JS,Stereo,S,Single Channel,M,Dual Channel,D)

much more readable + efficient! thx, Dano