how to sort in play order from play list?


Is it possible to import album from m3u in a sorted play order?
Right now album is opened and sorted by alphabet.
I can't find any settings to change sort order, either tracks don't have numbers.


I don't understand what you are trying to do. In order to sort you can click on the column headers in Mp3tag - for example click on Album to sort alphabetically using the album name or click on Track in order to sort using the track. If you want to do a shuffle sort, click on the first column where the file icons appear. If you want to move files up and down in the list, hold the ALT key while dragging.

I do understand the problem in this way:
Once a m3u playlist has been imported into Mp3tag, the order of the songs will be automatically re-arranged by Mp3tag, title sorted by alphabet (I did not checked this behaviour).
Because there are no position numbers in the m3u file the previous order of the tracks will be lost.
It would be helpful, if Mp3tag would support automatically a running number when importing a m3u file, so that the previous order do not get lost.


Playlist order is kept in 2.37d

Thanks! 2.37d handled playlists as expected.

Mp3tag is most developed and feature rich mp3 tagger IMO.
Suprisingly and perhaps also unexpectedly :slight_smile: it has been ready to almost every task, I still was able to figure out.