How to sort MKV files by Chapters

What is the best way to sort MKV files with chapters into chapter order within files (or do I need to)?

Each chapter shows as a separate line in MP3TAG, and sorting by filename won't work (obviously) since all the chapters in one file. Sorting by title goes A-Z but all files are intermixed.

What I have been doing is loading multiple MKV files and just not sorting them at all since the initial sort order is by file name. At least the chapters in each file are shown in the correct order.

Is there a better way?


What do you mean by "sorting"?
For what purpose do you want to sort?
If you mean sorting for the playing order it all depends on the player of your choice.

I've added two new information fields for that (officially with Mp3tag v2.91d).

You can create a new numeric column for %_subsong% which contains the subsong index and sort by that and then by filename.

Thanks !!

I frequently sort a folder with multiple files by a number of fields to look for pattern breaks when I'm trying to cleanup and organize

The 'natural order' when first reading the files' data seems to be by filename then chapter number, but after sorting (by Album or genre or …) to bubble up blanks or typos, etc. there didn't seem to be a way to return to the original chapter number within filename

So thanks again !!