how to sort out the titles which is more than 25 characters

suppose there are some two hundred files in a folder. i open them in mp3tag. some of the titles have more than 25 characters. i want to sort them. is it possible to find out those titles which have more than 25 characters?

You could create a column with the value
and sort by it.

Or apply a filter

"$ifgreater($len(%title%),25,yes,no)" IS yes

As always in Mp3tag there are some possibilities to reach this goal.

For example ... use the Mp3tag Filter.
How to use the Mp3tag Filter dialog [F3] see the help manual section "Filter" ...

There is an example ...
"$len(%BPM%)" GREATER 4

Adapt it to your needs ...
"$len(%_FILENAME%)" GREATER 25
"$len(%TITLE%)" GREATER 25


thanks for the suggestions. have a nice day.

i created a column. in the customize col, i put the following.
field> %title%
sort by>title
Numeric > selected

i didn't get the result. i wanted to get a number such as 25,24,26 etc on the new field. guide me plz

Leave field "Sort by" empty, fill the field "Value", as ohrenkino told you.

If you want to learn how column customizing will work in general, then look through the already made column definitions.
Again ... please read the manual:
... or simply press [F1] if you got the feeling to ask somebody.
Mp3tag offers context sensitive help in most cases, especially in dialogs where a help button is available.


thanks for the direction. now it works. have a nice day.